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Monday, July 29, 2013

Spirituality: Ways to Unite the Members of a Community

The more difficult it is for the members of this congregation to be united with their head and among themselves, since they are so scattered among the faithful and among the unbelievers in diverse regions of the world, the more ought means to be sought for that union. For the Society cannot be preserved, or governed, or, consequently, attain the end it seeks for the greater glory of God unless its members are united among themselves and with their head. Therefore the present treatise will deal first with what can aid the union of hearts and minds.

(Ganss, Constitutions, p. 285)


  1. This brought to mind the essence of what Pope Francis has been saying in Brazil. We need to be united in our hearts with Jesus the Christ. I haven't yet watched the entire video of the final Mass; however, I was so touched and inspired by hearing the people take up the cry "Long live Jesus Christ" as our Pope has encouraged rather than shouting for Pope Francis. How we could be instrumental in transformation of our world if we all believed and acted upon that cry.

    1. Yes, this document was written over 500 years ago as part of our Constitutions to keep Jesuits united to one another despite being separated by great distances and culture. We've adapted it over the years in our Norms, but it is still inspiring.

      Francis, Bishop of Rome, speaks through a Jesuit vocabulary and it is refreshing to hear. He hit a Grand Slam in Rio!