Thursday, December 20, 2012

Song: Give us this year an adult Christmas

Give us, this year, an adult Christmas,
since among adults first you came,
not in a creche or kindergarten
you showed your face and learned your name.
Then help our adult lives attest
that childlike trust you rekoned best.

Give us, this year, a worldly Christmas,
since it was to this world you came.
Sent to redeem all worldly matter
while structured in a human frame.
Then for creation let us share
your kindly gaze, your constant care.

Give us, this year, a peaceful Christmas,
since as the Prince of Peace you came.
Still jealous Herods call for slaughter,
still Caesars play their power game.
When will earthly politics portray
peace is no prize: peace is the way?

And give us time for you this Christmas,
since into time for us you came,
bringing the voice that forged creation
where it might gently say your name.
Then let our hearts rejoice and sing,
"Glory to God for everything!"