Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Spirituality: The Vow of Obedience

          In obedience there is the very essence of the imitation of Christ, “who redeemed by obedience the world lost by its lack.”  In obedience lies the secret of apostolic fruitfulness.  The more you do the works of pioneers, the more you need to be closely united with him who sends you: “All apostolic boldness is possible when the apostles’ obedience is certain.  We are certainly aware that if obedience demands much from those who obey, it demands even more of those who exercise authority.  The latter are required to listen without partiality the voices of all of their sons, to surround themselves with prudent counselors in order to evaluate situations sincerely, to choose before God what best corresponds to his will and to intervene with firmness whenever there is departure from that will.  In fact, every son or daughter of the Church is well aware that obedience is the proof and foundation of fidelity.

(Pope Paul VI, Address to the Members of G. C. 32, [1974])