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Monday, September 24, 2012

Spirituality: Ignatius' dedication to God

After the night at Montserrat, Ignatius was totally dedicated to God:

God was the center and preoccupation of Ignatius' thoughts, and the object of his special love, and the beloved Person for whom he wanted to do all the little acts which make up daily living. He wanted to be bound irrevocably to God, with the bridges burnt which might lead back to another way of living in which he might have interests other than God - God and [all others] for whom Jesus Christ had shed His blood.

(Ganss, Constitutions, p. 15)


  1. The picture of the elegant bridge which you posted after this reflection ties in very well here as it is a beautiful and appealing bridge; therefore, it represents very well the pull that Ignatius' former life would have on him and on all of us as we try to be bound to God and none other.

    1. Nice connection. Are lives are about building bridges and connecting people to one another.