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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Prayer: Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Strive to love your neighbors actively and indefatigably, and the nearer you come to achieving this love, the more convinced you will become of the existence of God and the immortality of your soul.


  1. Claire, I like this in theory, but I am a work in progress. I believe that regardless of how well I love God, God already exists and is helping me to increase my faith, hope, and love. What are you thinking?

  2. I certainly am also a work in progress...

    I just envy Dostoyevsky understanding and experience of loving his neighbors to such an extent that Godde becomes even more present, real, and 'here,' ...

    As to the immortality of my soul, just thinking of it and it feels like my soul wants to go to 'it' right away :-)

  3. Such beautiful words and sentiments, Claire. I resonate with Dostoyevsky's thoughts. I wish I could put it into action to a greater degree. Sometimes it seems easier; oftentimes it is a struggle.