Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm feeling chipper today

It is a very happy day for me. The wood chippers have arrived to clean up my Lenten project. They are chopping the gathered branches and wiping away the huge piles that I've assembled over the past two months. They mouths were agape when they saw the massive piles. They could not imagine that one man did all that work in two months. Better yet, they were amazed I did everything with a bow-saw and pruner. They said the manner in which I did it was crazy. And they were bewildered that a priest did all the work. They estimate that five truckloads of woodchips will be gathered today. Next I begin the process of taking those chips and lining them along the pathways. They have spent half the day working and are not quite halfway through their work.

I have to say the park looks beautiful. I'm very pleased. Photos will come soon.