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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Prayer: Miguel Pro

Let me spend my life near thee, O Mother,
to keep thee company
in thy solitude and deepest grief.

Let me feel in my soul
the sadness of thine eyes
and the abandonment of thy heart.

On life's highway I do not seek
the gladness of Bethlehem;
I do not wish to adore the infant God
in thy virginal hands,
nor to enjoy the winsome presence of Jesus
in thy humble home of Nazareth,
nor the mingle with the angelic choirs
in thy glorious Assumption.

My wish in life is for the jeers
and derision of Calvary,
for the slow agony of thy Son,
for the contempt, the disgrace
and infamy of the cross.

My wish, O most sorrowful Virgin,
is to stand near thee,
to strengthen my soul through thy tears
to completer my offering
through thy martyrdom,
to temper my hear through thy solitude
and to love my God and thy God
through my self-sacrifice.

Memorial: November 23

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