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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Prayer: John Chrysostom

For what use is it when you give as much of your wealth as someone might give a spoonful of water from the ocean, and you don't imitate the widow's generosity of spirit?


  1. First part is fine but there is a different take on the widows' mite too- that she gave all she had to a church that failed to give her any support ! Sorry, to be snarky, I am in a disputational mood today due to reading about the grotesque "Advent Calendar" advertised at Harrods in London - have a look a my blog to get the picture if you have the time.

  2. Be as snarky as you want. We have to learn how to get out emotions out in a way that reveals our frustration and anger. You are right and I think Jesus sees that society and the Temple authorities (and our modern day church) did her injustice. We have to learn to use our power of the purse to speak for ourselves when our voices otherwise will not be heard. The church has to act out of love and concern for others first before it can teach. I'll take a look at your blog for that Advent calendar.