Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Prayer: “A Prayer of Indigenous Peoples, Refugees, Immigrants, and Pilgrims”

Triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit: We come before you as many parts of a single body. You have called us together from different cultures, languages, customs, and histories.

Some of us are indigenous – peoples of the land. Some of us are refugees, immigrants, pilgrims – people on the move. Some of us are hosts, some of us guests, some of us both hosts and guests. All of us are searching for an eternal place where we can belong.

Creator, forgive us. The earth is yours and everything that is in it. But we forget … In our arrogance, we think we own it. In our greed, we think we can steal it. In our ignorance, we worship it. In our thoughtlessness, we destroy it. We forget that you created it to bring praise and joy to you, and you gave it as a gift, for us to steward, for us to enjoy, for us to see more clearly your beauty and your majesty.

Jesus, save us. We wait for your kingdom. We long for your throne. We hunger for your reconciliation, for that day where people from every tribe and every tongue will gather around you and sing your praises.

Holy Spirit, teach us. Help us to remember that the body is made up of many parts, each one unique and every one necessary. Teach us to embrace the discomfort that comes from our diversity and to celebrate the fact that we are unified, not through our sameness, but through the blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Triune God: We love you. Your creation is beautiful. Your salvation is merciful. And you wisdom is beyond compare.

Source: Found online: http://brianmclaren.net