Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Anniversary of the Founding of the Society of Jesus

Today marks the 476 anniversary of the founding of the Society of Jesus.

 It is amazing to think of the number of people over these centuries who have:

1.  made the Spiritual Exercises,
2.  been influenced by Ignatian Spirituality,
3.  been helped by spiritual direction, 
4.  attended a Jesuit retreat house,
5.  made a parish mission.

Consider also all the young men and women who have attended Jesuit schools worldwide or have worked at one of our institutions. We have K-12, Nativity, Cristo Rey, Middle Schools, High Schools, Community Colleges, and Universities. We have theological centers and other places of training.

Consider those who have been connected to a Jesuit parish. How many masses are said by Jesuits worldwide daily?  How many have been baptized, confirmed, received the Eucharist, was married, or even buried by Jesuits? Think of the many people who have been the recipient of prayers.

How many words of encouragement were spoken to refugees or the down-trodden? How many people have been inspired by the social justice activities of our apostolates. Consider the hard work of many brothers who have sustained the life of the community.

There is so much more that can be said. How have your lives been positively affected by Jesuits?