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Friday, July 29, 2016

Spirituality: “Recover the Spirit of Silence” By Adolfo Nicolas, S.J., Former Superior General of the Society of Jesus

I believe that one of the primary challenges
facing the Society [of Jesus] today
is that of recovering the spirit of silence.
We all need a place inside ourselves
where there is no noise, where the voice
of the Spirit of God can speak to us,
softly and gently,
and direct our discernment.
We need the ability to become ourselves –
silence, emptiness, an open space
that the Word of God can fill,
and the Spirit of God can set on fire
for the good of others and of the Church.

Spend some extra time in prayer today simply sitting in silence.
Listen to God.

Source: Superior General’s Summary (2012), as found in Jim Manney, An Ignatian Book of Days, page 212.

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