Sunday, August 2, 2015

Poem: "No more than they" from Wendell Berry, Window Poems 19-20

Peace. Let men who cannot be brothers
to themselves, be brothers
to mullein and daisies
that have learned to live on the earth.
Let them understand the pride
of sycamores and thrushes
that receive the light gladly, and do not
think to illuminate themselves.
Let them know the foxes and the owls
are joyous in their lives,
and their gayety is praise to the heavens,
and they do not raven their minds.
In night the devourer,
and in the morning all things
find the light of comfort.
Peace . . . If we, who have killed
our brothers and hated ourselves,
are made in the image of God,
then surely the bloodroot,
wild phlox, trillium and mayapple
are more truly made
in God's image, for they have desired
to be no more than they are,
and they have spared each other . . .