Monday, August 11, 2014

Spirituality: “Recognizing God in the Most Trivial” By Jean Pierre de Caussade, S.J.

To discover God in the smallest and most ordinary things, as well as in the greatest, is to possess a rare and sublime faith.

To find contentment in the present moment is to relish and adore the divine will in the succession of all the things to be done and suffered which make up the duty to the present moment.

The pure of heart, simple souls, worship God in all the most adverse circumstances; their faith triumphs over everything.

The more their senses tell them “God is not there,” the more they drain this cup of bitterness; nothing dismays them, nothing repels them.

It was Mary who remained at the foot of the cross when the Apostles fled, and who recognized her son when he was disfigured, spat upon and bruised.

It only made him more beloved in the eyes of that tender mother; the more he was blasphemed, the greater her veneration for him.

A living faith is nothing else than a steadfast pursuit of God through all that disguises, disfigures, demolishes and seeks, so to speak to abolish him.