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Friday, May 24, 2013

Spirituality: Unity Within Community

The chief bond to cement the union of its members among themselves and with their head is, on both sides, the love of God our Lord. For when the superior and the subjects are closely united to His Divine and Supreme Goodness, they will very easily be united among themselves, through that same love which will descend from the Divine Goodness and spread to all other men, and particularly into the body of the Society. Thsu from both sides charity will come to further this union between superiors and subjects, and in general all goodness and virtues through which one proceeds in conformity with the spirit....

Still another great help can be found in uniformity, both interior uniformity of doctrine, judgments, and wills, as far as this is possible...., and exterior uniformity in respect to clothing, ceremonies of the Mass, and other such matters, to the extent that the different qualities of persons, places, and the like, permit.

(Ganss, Constitutions, p. 291)

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