Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Spirituality: Ignatius after his imprisonment in Salamanca

Ignatius was released from his 22 days of imprisonment in Salamanca with the stipulation that he is prohibited from catechizing on certain subjects because he was not ordained and lacked formal training.

He found great difficulty in remaining in Salamanca, for in the matter of helping souls it seemed to him that the door had been closed by this prohibition....

The same desire that he had to help souls, and for that reason to study first and gather some others for the same purpose and to keep those he had, did not fail him. Resolving to go to Paris, he arranged with [his companions] to wait there while he went to see if he could find some means by which they could study.

Many important persons strongly insisted that he should not go, but they could never dissuade him. ... When he arrived in Barcelona all those who knew him advsied him against the journey to France because of the great wars there, recounting many specific examples, even telling him that they put Spaniards on roasting spits, but he never had any kind of fear.

(Olin and O'Callaghan, Autobiography, pp. 70-71)