Thursday, August 23, 2012

Prayer: Petitions for Healing

For my own personal health and for strength in time of crisis
         Be near me, O Sacred Heart.

For continuing or renewed health for all those I love,
         Strengthen them in your mercy, Lord.

For all struggling with life-threatening illness,
         Be their source of comfort, O Good Shepherd.

For all weakened by age or infirmity,
         Strengthen both their limbs and their spirit, O God.

For all suffering from mental or nervous afflictions,
         Be their calming presence, Lord Jesus.

For all with disabling handicaps,
         Give them courage and patience, O Lord.

For all struggling with spiritual anxiety, depression or addiction,
         Shower them with your love and mercy, O God.

For all who feel alone, for the lonely, the marginalized, the homebound, the shunned, and those who feel on the edge of society,
         Let them feel your comforting presence.

For all close to death,
         Ease their pain and grant them your peace, O Sacred Heart

For doctors, nurses, hospice workers, and caregivers,

        Guide their healing actions and inspire their words and spirit,
        most Loving Lord.

For those among the living who need our prayers in a special way.  
         Show them your consoling care.

For those who have died to this world and are born to eternal life:  What names shall we remember?
         Bring them eternal peace in your heavenly kingdom.

And let us pray:

Sacred Heart of Jesus,
 you invite all who are heavy burdened
 to come to you and find rest.

Teach me to reach out to you in my need;

Teach me to lead others to your Sacred Heart;

Teach me with your compassion for others;

Teach me with your courage and love for all;

Teach me with your wisdom and grace;

Touch gently my life with your healing hand. 


  1. Beautiful prayer. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful prayer, Like Linda, I would like to say thank you.

    1. Thanks, Lynda and Dickeede. I'm glad you like it. I've used it in healing liturgies and reconciliation services.