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Friday, April 9, 2010

Prayer: Jerome Nadal, S.J.

Faith lifts you up and over to hope. Faith and hope lift you up and over to charity, to the Divine Power, to the Holy Spirit dwelling and working within you. All this opens the spiritual understanding of what it means to love God above all things and so to fulfill the first and highest law. To one who experiences the love of God poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit…. all this is clear.

The Holy Spirit has given you the gift of union with Christ Jesus and his might. Use this gift assiduously, so that you may come to the spiritual insight that you are really understanding with his mind, choosing with his will, remembering with his memory, living and acting completely in Christ and not in yourself. To attain this perception in this life is to reach the highest perfection. It is really Divine Power at work. It brings an awesome sweetness.

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