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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spirituality: On Meditating

One way to achieve higher consciousness in through meditation. True meditation is the ultimate overcoming of toxic shame. Meditation aims at an immediate union with God. Physical love gave you an awareness of union. True love brought you into the chambers of the source of all union. Prayer allows you to dialogue with the source of union and meditation allows you to be united to the source of unionin a relationship of bliss.

Meditation is a search for immediate intimacy with God. The various techniques aim at creating the conditions for such intimacy. The main condition for this intimate union is called "the silence." Whatever the meditation technique, it aims at creating the silence. The techniques range from simple breath awareness to the activity exercises of the whirling dervishes. In between there are mandalas, mantras, music, manual arts, mental imaging and massage exercises.

After much practice you can create a state of mindlessness. This state is called the silence. Once the silence is created, an unused mental faculty is activated. It is a form of intuition. With this faculty, one can know God directly. Spiritual masters present a rather uniform witness on this point. They speak of an intuitive knowing variously as "unitive consciousness," or God consciousness, or higher consciousness. It is direct union with God. In this union, one also knows onself as one really is. This "knowing" is unmediated. With such inner vision one has new insights and enlightenments.

John Bradshaw - Healing the Shame that Binds You

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