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Monday, March 22, 2010

Spirituality: Emotions

Emotions monitor our basic needs, telling us of a need, loss or satiation. They also give us the energy to act.

1. Anger - is an energy that gives us strength.

2. Sadness - is an energy we discharge over the losses to our basic needs. We are to integrate the shock of those losses and adapt to reality. We avoid the pain of sadness, but discharging it releases some energy involved in our emotional pain.

3. Fear - releases an energy that warns us of danger to our basic needs. This leads to our discernment and wisdom.

4. Guilt - is a former conscience that tells us we have transgressed our values and moves us to take action to change.

5. Shame - warns us not to try to be more or less than human. It reminds us of our essential limitations.

6. Joy - is an exhilarating energy that emerges when all our nees are being met. It signals all is well and we want to sing, run, and jump.

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