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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Literature: "Adam Bede," by George Eliot

 It is almost certain that you, too, have been in love. If so, you will no more think the slight words, the timid looks, the tremulous touches, by which two human souls approach each other gradually, like to quivering rain-streams, before they mingle into one - you will no more think these things trivial than you will think the first-detected signs of coming spring trivial. .... Those slight words and looks and touches are part of the soul's language, and the finest language, I believe, is chiefly made up of unimposing words, such as "light," "sound," "stars," "music," words really not worth looking at, or hearing in themselves, any more than "chips" or "sawdust:" it is only when they happen to be the signs of something unspeakably great and beautiful.

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