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Friday, July 15, 2022

Poem: “Christ Is My Utmost Need” by Jessica Powers

 Late, late the mind confessed: 

wisdom has not sufficed.

I cannot take one step into the light 

without the Christ.


Late, late the heart affirmed: 

wild do my heart-beats run 

when in the blood-stream sings one wish away 

from the Incarnate Son.


Christ is my utmost need. 

I lift each breath, each beat for Him to bless, 

knowing our language cannot overspeak 

our frightened helplessness.


Here where proud morning walks 

and we hang wreaths on power and self-command, 

I cling with all my strength unto a nail-

investigated hand.


Christ is my only trust. 

I am my fear since, down the lanes of ill, 

my steps a dark Iscariot 

plotting in my own will.


Past nature called, I cry 

who clutch at fingers and at tunic folds, 

“Lay not on me, O Christ, this fastening. 

Yours be the hand that holds.”

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