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Monday, February 4, 2013

Spirituality: Mystical Acceptance

The experience of mystical acceptance and confirmation at La Storta would continue to be significant for Ignatius. He frequently referred to it in his diary and other writings. The vision served as a frame of reference and source of consolation. For example, while writing in his diary about a decision regarding the practice of poverty for the Jesuit community, Ignatius said that he gained confidence from the vision, with these thoughts growing in intensity and seeming to be a confirmation, even though he receive no consolations about his matter, and Jesus' showing himself, or letting himself be felt, seeming to him to be somehow the work of the Most Holy Trinity, and remembering when the Father placed him with his Son.

(Richard Ward Dunphy, Placed with Jesus Bearing His Cross, p. 337)


  1. It was not only a consolation for St. Ignatius but the vision is an inspiration to others as well. We are blessed that St. Ignatius shared this with us.

    1. I wish I knew Ignatius as an historical man, not just the man of my prayer life.