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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Song: The Resurrection

The child you bore has risen now and stayed the power of death and sin. See him stand with holes and heaven in his hand.

Jesus Christ is risen, risen from the tomb,
he, who God conceived within the virgin's womb.
No longer dead, redundant in the grave,
Jesus walks the world he came to love and save.

Jesus Christ is risen, snares of hell are burst;
God's own Son has conquered human nature's worst.
All sinful souls by Christ can be forgiven;
earth can share the grace enjoyed by heaven.

Jesus Christ is risen. Let his foes take note;
force can no more frighten, greed no more can gloat.
Tyrants should tremble, avarice should cower;
naked love has triumphed over worldly power.

Jesus Christ is risen and will soon ascend
where space finds its limit and time meets its end.
Yet throughout earth his Spirit will remain
raising life from death like growth from fallen grain.

by John Bell

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