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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Poem: "It was to older people that Jesus came" by John Bell

It was to older people that Jesus came,
that they might know their place and learn his name,
and upset notions of whom God may choose
to change the world or celebrate good news.

And this they understand who have been told
of Sarah who conceived when she was old;
and Hannah who found joy despite her tears;
and Naomi who blessed her later years.

With Zechariah, zealous for routine,
ensuring what's to come is what has been,
they may disclaim an angel's message, too
declaring God intends to make things new.

Like Simeon, resigned to failing power,
old age might yet become the finest hour
for those who risk false claims that they're deranged
by saying God wants all things to be changed.

It is not in the manger Christ must stay,
forever lying helpless in the hay;
it is by older people Jesus is blessed,
who see God's restlessness in him expressed

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