Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Song: Cancion de Francisco Javier by Cristobal Fones, S.J.

When the world shuts the sun in darkness
When all dreams are swallowed deep beneath the sea
When no one is so caring to dare cross the ocean
That corners the poor and the broken
Rise my light, my Jesus! Set me soaring, flying
Let me trust your promises, let me do your will

Jesus, fire in my heart. My heart, aflame in love for the world
Feels no limits, sees no boundaries. Only God, my hope
Feels no limits, sees no boundaries. Only God, my hope

Even if I gained the whole world
It’s nothing to me if it takes me not to you
May no tides pull me under, no dark swells engulf me
In lifting my gaze to your star
There, in the eyes of the hungry, I see you looking back at me
And your love fills up my soul, now my soul sets sail.


Jesus you give joy to your people
Jesus, you free them, giving pardon and your peace
It’s such love that impels me, embracing a people
That longs for your kingdom to come
All is yours, you’ve given me. None is mine, but all is grace
In your hands, take all of it. You’re my land, my sea.