Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Man born Blind

I often carry my camera as I go for walks with friends. After I post them, many remark, “Was I on the same walk as you? None of these photos look familiar. When and how did you see this image?” I shrug my shoulders and say, “I capture what I see.” Our sight leads to faith, which gives us knowledge of what is right with the God. This is a world worth celebrating.

The man born blind in the Gospel is given new sight and he is able to see what is right with the world. He speaks from experience and does not confuse it with reason. He does not try to appear smart or to make judgments or to criticize or to look for what can be better. He sees the good in each moment. The beauty in is approach is that he accepts what he receives as true.

The simplicity of the man born blind is profound. His outlook allows him to be healthy and positive in his relationships. He speaks only for himself and allows to do their own work. He maintains healthy boundaries because he only speaks about what he sees, which he finds good. He speaks from positive regard, which means we give a person the benefit of the doubt. It means we perceive that another person intends goodness in their actions and words.

As we move through Lent, let us choose what we see, and then refrain from making judgments on it. Let us not focus on how we are spending Lent, but let us look at the facial expressions and body language of Jesus as he moves through his Lent. It is his Lent, not ours. We are called to be his companions, which means we ask him how he feels. It is his journey and he wants us to be a friend to him.

How are your eyes seeing the world? What are the impressions that you are forming? Are they inspiring you to create more “good” or are you making less loving judgments? Ask God to give you further sight and insight. Ask God to heal your sight and your knowledge so you can be the agents of grace. Ask God to give us new faith that allows us to open our eyes again so that we can see the face of Jesus as if for the first time. I bet it has a smile on it.